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After series of auspicious events, SHEHNAYE holds great eminence when it comes to Wedding planners. Our success story started as Wedding Planners in Islamabad.We not only make the person sitting in front of us dream but bring their desires into existence. The entire journey of contract is dealt by understanding and welcoming members of our team. Realizing the needs of our multi-culture environment,our team works to mold each wedding according to the rituals and customs of our clients and therefore their events occur to be completely different from the cliches around us. Just so you can sit back and enjoy in the one of the most panicking phase of your life, Shehnaye works day in and day while to collect all the far flung shells for your event so when the pearls are organized together with the touch of perfection, you keep wondering at how everything fell into place so precisely. A Wedding ceremony occurs to be a prime event in our culture. We at Shehnaye preen ourselves for making your big day a memorable one. We offbeat the rest by taking care of all the diminutives,be it a colorful Mehndi,momentous Barat or a prodigious Valima.

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